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About Racheli Refael

Racheli Refael

Racheli Refael

Mortgage Banker

Talk To Racheli It’s Like Talking to 100 Banks: Client

Racheli Refael helps home buyers for over 23 exceptional years get pre-approved for a home mortgage so they know exactly what home price they can buy from the get-go without the hiccups and denials just before closing.

Her committed team of 5 Super Servant, Service-Oriented, Attentive and Dynamic Stars, are ready to meet your needs and exceed your expectations in our friendly and centrally located office in East Fort Lauderdale.

Racheli Believes in finding Creative Solutions so that people feel empowered to overcome obstacles and see possibilities and take immediate action.

By taking the bird’s eye view approach, which she learned in the Israeli army, she can see Solutions where others may not. That’s why 98% of her team pre-approvals-close.

Racheli happen to open doors to home ownership.


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